On the Ladder of Humanity

On the Ladder of Humanity

On the Ladder of Humanity

A people’s politician. A housewife. An ex-gangbanger on the righteous path.

And they’ve all been murdered.

When Benjamin Ochoa is gunned down at an overpass bus stop above the Dan Ryan Expressway, homicide detective Jolene Hartley is pulled into the seedy, merciless world of Chicago murder. From the start, the case is plagued with obstacles: an old fling showing up after months of silence; a jealous partner interested in more than just a murdered kid; and an elusive common thread that could tie everything together.

The perplexing circumstances surrounding the three cases lead Hartley into the gruesome deaths of each victim as she tries to find the clues she needs to wrap up the complicated mess that has become her jumbled investigation.

The only problem is she is not the only one looking to finish the job.

A killer, silent after so many years, slowly edges closer to the prize set before him, racing against time and the Chicago Police Department in an effort to close the mission he finds himself on.

Hartley, a stunningly beautiful, extremely focused officer, wades into a Chicago filled with compromised politicians, close-lipped gangbangers and lustful cops with one goal in mind: Find her common thread before her killer does.